Touchdown Platen Complete Kit for Brother GT Printers
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Touchdown Platen Complete Kit



The Touchdown Platen Complete Kit is a multi-purpose platen kit that comes with the T-Base, Mounting Kit and 10 different platen insert setups.  These platen inserts include two square inserts, large rectangle, small rectangle, collar insert, zipper inserts, polo inserts, baby insert and youth insert.  In addition, GT users can use the T-Base to create their own custom sized platens as well.

The Touchdown Platen Basic Kit works on the Brother GT-541, GT-782 and GT-3 printer models.

Product Description

Maximize the power of your Brother® GT printer by expanding the products that you can print on. The Touchdown Platen is a multi-purpose platen that allows GT users to print on garments and other substrates that is typically difficult to do using the standard Adult Platen. The T-Base is designed to easily insert and remove platen inserts of all different sizes. GT users can even create their own custom platen sizes to be used in conjunction with the T-Base.

Touchdown Platen T-Base for Brother GT PrintersTouchdown Platen uses the standard platen steam & adjustment features of the Brother® GT printers. But what makes the Touchdown Platen different than other platens is the multi-purpose T-Base as shown to the right. The T-Base has three distinct points that allows the GT users to use multiple platen inserts at the same time. T-Base has holes strategically placed throughout it to maximize the platen inserts available. A GT user also has the ability to level the T-Base by adjusting the thin wall inserts on the bottom of the T-Base.

Both the Complete Kit and the Basic Kit will work on the Brother GT-541, GT-782 and GT-3 printers.  All of these GT printers use the same exact pin system for mounting the different types of platens.

Touchdown Platen Complete Kit Components:

* Mounting Plate & PinsTouchdown Platen Complete Kit Inserts
* T-Base
* Youth Platen Insert
* Baby Platen Insert
* Large Rectangle Platen Insert
* Small Rectangle Platen Insert
* Collar / Tag Platen Insert
* Long Sleeve Platen Insert
* Two (2) Undermount Platen Inserts
* Two (2) Square Platen Inserts
* Two (2) Zipper Platen Inserts
* Two (2) Polo Platen Inserts
* Accessory Kit

Video of Touchdown Platen in Action!

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 4 in

Instructional Video


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