Most of the time in production, you are forced to either decide on whether to provide a high quality product that takes longer to produce or produce more products in a shorter time. The Perfect Transfer Tool provides you with the best of both worlds by:
-   Providing you a tool that helps center and space transfers
-   Decrease the amount of time to produce a high quality transfer item
-   Helps eliminates mistakes

It is much harder to determine the actually amount of money each mistake can cost you than you think.  You have your typical standard costs:
-   Cost of the Garment
-   Cost of the Transfer Paper, Letters, Numbers and Appliqués
-   Cost of the Transfer Ink if you print your own transfer
-   Amount of electricity used for the heat press

You also have several indirect costs, like:
-   Potential lost of customer and future reorders
-   Lost of word-of-mouth referrals from the customer
-   Most importantly, YOUR TIME!

The quality of product that leaves your shop can have a dramatic effect on the growth and sales of your company.  The Return on Investment of the Perfect Transfer Tool can be easily made up with only ONE ORDER.  The time it will save you will allow you to spend time growing your company.  What are you waiting for?

Here is a complete playlist of all the videos on how to setup and use the Perfect Transfers Tool.