The Gripper Kits provide GT users with several different benefits depending on what they are printing.  In general, the gripper channels help GT users secure

Below are just some of these benefits on specific printing applications:

Tote Bags

When printing tote bags, GT users can secure the tote bag to the platen two different ways.  The old way was to use binder clips or embroidery clips to hold the tote bag in place.  However, this method typically requires the tote bag to be printed using unidirectional print mode (which takes longer to print).  The Gripper Kits are mounted under the acrylic top of the GT platens.  Thus, the tote bag can be printed in bi-directional print mode because the gripper channels are lower than the printable area.

Large Dark Garment Designs

When printing large designs on a dark garment using white ink on the 16″ x 18″ oversized platen, many GT-782 would use either double-sided platen tape or a waterbase adhesive liquid that would prevent the white ink from spreading out the fibers of the garment.  By using a Gripper Kit, the fibers in the garment will already be slightly spread out to prevent the white ink from spreading.

Fabric Swatches

The printing on pieces of fabrics swatches has been done by GT users for several years.  Similar to printing tote bags, pieces of fabric were typically heat presses prior to be printing and then were secured to the platen using clips or even tape.  With a Gripper Kit, most types of fabric can be put on to the GT platen without heat pressing and secured flatly using the gripper channels in a matter of seconds.

Sleeve Printing

When printing on both short and long sleeves, it was challenging to secure the desired printable area to a specific location on the Adult, Oversized or Youth GT platens during the printing process.  This is because the majority of the garment is wanting to pull the rest of the garment off the platen.  GT users have used strong adhesive tape to hold the end of the sleeve in place.  The Gripper Kit allows GT users firmly secure the non-printable area of the garment from pulling the desired printable area off the GT platen during the printing process.