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Expand the product offering to your customers by offering digitally printed caps on the Brother GT Printers. This easy-to-use cap platen system allows GT owners tha ability to print on the front crown and most of the bill of most styles of caps. This cap platen works on all models of GT printers.

Get the most out of your GT Printer by printing on to caps today!

GT-541 Printers

GT-782 Printers

GT-3 Printers

The first GT model of direct-to-garment printers allows for the printing on light colored caps. The GT-541 printer is the original production dtg printer and is perfect for digitally printing on a variety of styles of caps. The first dark garment digital printer from Brother allows for the printing on light and dark colored caps. This dual platen dtg printer allows for two cap platens to be used at the same time for increased production. The newest model of GT printers is a single platen system that allows for printing on both light and dark colored caps. Printing at the new high resolution (1200 x 1200) allows for very detailed prints on caps.
 GT Cap Platen on Brother GT-541 Printer GT Cap Platen on GT-782 Printer GT Cap Platen on Brother GT-381


* Easy-to-Use – a simply approach to digitally printing caps on a GT printer.
* No Tools Necessary – fast setup with no modifications to the GT printer.
* Works on Most Caps – good for most structured and unstructured caps.
* Fast Return on Investment – pay off the cap platen in 40 caps or less!

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One of the questions that we get regarding the cap platen is what is the best way to cure a printed cap.  The best method depends on the number of caps your company is going to print.  If you only plan on printing a couple caps (under 10) per month, then you will probably be…

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