Touchdown Platen Inserts

Which Type Platen Inserts Are Available for Touchdown Platen?

Touchdown Platen uses the standard platen steam & adjustment features of the Brother® GT printers. But what makes the Touchdown Platen different than other platens is the multi-purpose T-Base as shown to the right. The T-Base has three distinct points that allows the GT users to use multiple platen inserts at the same time. T-Base has holes strategically placed throughout it to maximize the platen inserts available. A GT user also has the ability to level the T-Base by adjusting the thin wall inserts on the bottom of the T-Base.

Touchdown Platen Inserts

Below are pictures of the different platen inserts that are available for sale with the Touchdown Platen Complete Kit. The Basic Kit only comes with the Youth and Baby Platen Inserts.

(Click on the different platen inserts for instructions on how to install them.)

Youth Insert - Touchdown  Platen for GT Printers Baby Insert - Touchdown  Platen for GT Printers Collar Insert for GT Touchdown Platen Long Sleeve Insert - Touchdown Platen for GT Printers
Youth Platen Insert Baby Platen Insert Collar Platen Insert Long Sleeve Platen Insert
 Touchdown Platen One Square Insert Touchdown Platen Two Square Inserts Large Rectangle Insert - Touchdown Platen for GT Printers Touchdown Platen Small Rectangle Insert
One Square Platen Insert Two Square Platen Insert Larger Rectangle Platen Insert Small Rectangle Platen Insert
Touchdown Platen Zipper Platen Inserts Touchdown Platen Polo Insert Touchdown Platen Full Platen Inserts
Zipper Platen Inserts Polo Platen Insert Full Platen Inserts

Optional Inserts for Touchdown Kits (purchase separately)

Touchdown Platen Oversized 16 x18 Insert Touchdown Platen Wrap Around Insert Shoe Platen Inserts
Oversized Platen Insert Wrap Around Platen Insert Shoe Platen Inserts

NOTE:  The Oversized Platen Insert is only available for GT-782 and GT-3 printers.  It should not be used on a GT-541 printer.


Below is a video showing how easy it is to setup the different Platen Inserts on the Touchdown Platen.

Learn more about the Touchdown Platen Kits.

Youth Insert Instructions Below are the instructions for installing and using the Youth Platen Insert for the Touchdown Platen on the Brother GT-541® and GT-782® direct-to-garment DTG printers.     POSITION GUIDE: Installing the Youth Platen Insert The Large Rectangle Platen Insert can be place on either side of the Touchdown Platen as show in…

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