Why Print Custom FootwearShoe Platen Kit for Brother GT Printers

It’s no secret that the core business for GT users is printing on to t-shirts. But this does not mean that garments are the only thing that can be printed. If you check out your closet, the odds are you have more than one pair of shoes.  Custom printed footwear can also be pretty profitable.

  • Average cost of a pair of blank shoes is between $20 – $40.
  • Average cost of ink to personalize the sides of two shoes is less than $4.
  • Average selling price of personalized shoes range between $80 – $120.
  • The average ROI on the Shoe Platen is less than 10 SHOES!

Designed for Multiple Styles & Sizes

Because footwear come in different sizes and styles, the Shoe Platen comes with three (3) different sizes of inserts.

Shoe Platen Inserts for Brother GT Printers

In addition, the Alignment Jig is included in the Shoe Platen to help align the artwork in the graphic software program.

Shoe Platen Alignment Jig for Brother GT Printers

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