Installing the GT Alignment Tool
Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Loading Garment using GT Alignment Tool
1. Load the garment on to the Adult Platen by fully sliding the printing side over the top of the platen and allow the rest of the garment to be below the platen.
2. Use the Center Guides to center the collar of the garment on the Adult Platen.
3. Use the Side Guides to make sure the seams on the sleeves match up creating a 3-point registration with the Center Guides.
4. Make sure all wrinkles are flatten out on top of the Adult Platen
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1. Flip the GT Alignment Tool over to the back side. Remove the white plastic from the back of the magnetic strips and press firmly in the corners of the GT Alignment Tool on the back side.
2. Remove the Adult Platen by loosening the Locking Lever and lifting the platen straight up. Slide the GT Alignment Tool over the Platen Stem and lay flat on Shirt Tray.
3. Reinsert the Adult Platen, adjust the height and tighten Locking Lever. Adjust the GT Alignment Tool to align up with the Adult Platen.
NOTE: Can you double-sided tape (not included) to hold the GT Alignment Tool firmly in place.
GT Alignment Tool
2. Four Magnetic Strips w/ Adhesive