Gripper Kit Instructions

Written Installation Instructions:

Below is the written installation instructions for installing the Gripper Kit on to the bottom side of a GT platen.

Step #1: Remove the Protective Wrapping from Gripper Channels.  Gripper Kit Installation on GT Platen
Step #2: Remove the Liner from the Adhesive Tape Foam. Gripper Kit Installation on GT Platen
Step #3: Place Side Grippers Just Inside the Hoop Ring and Down the Side of Adult Platen. Gripper Kit Installation on GT Platen
Step #4: Center Front & Back Grippers between Side Grippers. Gripper Kit Installation on GT Platen

NOTE: It is important to place the side channels (15″ in length) just inside where the metal hanger attaches to the acrylic top.


Gripper Kit Installation on Brother GT Adult Platen

Setting the Back Gripper Channel

When attaching the back gripper channel on the Adult Platen, please make sure that you place the gripper channel on the edge of the platen.  This will keep the gripper channel far enough away from the platen support arm on the GT printer to allow you to adjust the platen height.

Gripper Kit - Back Gripper on Adult GT Platen

For the Youth Platen, the height adjustment will be minimized because there is less room to work with.  You do have the ability to adjust the platen height that much.  Some GT users prefer not to install the back gripper channel if they use the Youth Platen to print on a lot of thicker items.

Gripper Kit - Back Gripper on Youth GT Platen

Video Installation Instructions:

Below is a video showing how to install the Gripper Kit on an GT Adult Platen (14″ x 16″ size).


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