Gripper Kit

Brother Adult Platen with Gripper Kit#1 Accessory for GT Printers

Why is the Gripper Kits the #1 accessory for GT printers?  It is simple.  Gripper Kits allow you to print FASTER on More Substrates without the use of Clips, Bands or Tape!

Why Are the Gripper Kits so Beneficial?

We can make the bold statement that the Gripper Kit is the #1 accessory for a GT printer because we have experience making several other GT accessories. At the end of the day, a good GT accessories all comes down to what will help a GT user do the following three:

  • Print on more substrates.
  • Be able to increase production numbers.
  • Minimize misprints & head strikes.

Brother GT Printer with Gripper Kit holding HoodieThe Gripper Kit does all three by quickly securing the garment firmly in place! What makes it even better is the ROI on investment it provides compared to other GT accessories. For example, the Gripper Kit allows GT users to print on long and short sleeves at half the price of other sleeve platens.

The Gripper Kit is available for the Brother GT Adult, Youth and Oversized Platens. The Adult Platen Gripper Kit comes with two (2) 15″ channels and two (2) 9″ channels.  The Youth Platen Gripper Kit comes with four (4) 9″ channels and the Oversized Platen Gripper Kit comes with four (4) 15″ channels.  All gripper channels come with industrial strength adhesive tape that is used to mount them on the bottom side of the GT platen.

Recommended for Printing On:

Gripper Kit for Tote Bags on Brother GT Printers

  • Canvas Tote Bags
  • Long Sleeve Garments
  • Zipper Hoodies
  • Pants Leg
  • Towels & Blankets
  • Pieces of Fabric
  • Short Sleeve Garments
  • Aprons
  • And many more items

What comes in a Gripper Kit?

The purchase of a Gripper Kit includes up to four of the adjustable gripper channels.  We offer the gripper channels in two sizes: 9″ length and 15″ length.  Below are the different Gripper Kits available for the GT Printer:

Gripper Channel for Brother GT Printers

  • Adult GT Platen  – Two 15″ Gripper Channels & Two 9″ Gripper Channels
  • Youth GT Platen  – Four 9″ Gripper Channels
  • Oversized GT Platen  – Four 15″ Gripper Channels

(3M VBH Adhesive Tape is applied to the gripper channels for mounting to bottom of platen)

Learn More About Gripper Kit

Earlier this’d year, I stopped by a GT-541 owner’s shop in downtown New York City.  The owner mentioned how much she has been printing on to pieces of fabric using her GT-541 printer.  Being so close to to the fabric district, I can understand how she has this business.   Then recently, I had a conversation…

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