DTG Fact Finder

When it comes to determining which DTG printers a garment decorator should consider based on the needs/requirements of (his/her) business, it can be challenging to determine where to start.  Here is a video that walks a garment decorator through 6 key questions that I have done with many other garment decorators interested in DTG printing to help identify key features needed in a potential DTG printer.

The next step will be determining which DTG printer will best fit (his/her) company.  There is no DTG printer currently on the market (as of the time of this post) that fits all types / sizes of garment decorators.  Since the investment costs (cost and learning curve) for getting into DTG printing is substantial, all garment decorators should take this process very seriously.   This means speaking with the manufacturers / dealers, getting sample printed shirts to evaluate the quality of the print and wash test, speak with other users of the equipment and if see the printer in person if at all possible.

To help garment decorators go through the process of selecting the right DTG printer for their business, I created the DTG Fact Finder chart.  This chart helps the garment decorator ask the key questions to all the DTG manufacturers that fit (his/her) criteria and sift through the sales jargon to locate the facts need to make an educated decision.

Download the DTG Printer & Wash Test Charts.

Here is a video that goes through the DTG Fact Finder chart.

I hope you find this information helpful.  Best wishes as you go through this process.

Mark E. Bagley, Esq.
Industry Consultant & Owner of GarmentTools.com

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